Tips to Conceive a Girl

If you’ve found this article, I’ll assume that you want to conceive a daughter and are looking for tips on natural ways that you can do this at home.  This article will provide tips on ovulation timing, vaginal acidity and PH, and intercourse positioning that will help you conceive a girl baby.

Before I get started though, I’d like to briefly touch on X and Y chromosome sperm characteristics. It’s important to understand this because all of the pointers take advantage of the X chromosome (girl sperm) traits.

A man’s sperm contains X (girl) and Y (boy) chromosomes. If an X chromosome fertilizes the egg first, then this will result in girl baby. However, the girl producing sperm are slower than the boy producing sperm. To counter this, the girl sperm are much more hardy, can survive for much longer in the vaginal tract, and can also withstand a much harsher or highly acidic vaginal PH. The tips in this article then, will focus on taking advantage of their hardiness, while compensating for their lack of speed.

1. Accurately Time Conception Well Before Ovulation: We already know that boy sperm can’t hang around for very long because they’re weaker. But, girl sperm have no real problem surviving this. So, to take advantage of this situation, you want to conceive three days before you actually ovulate. This will give the boy sperm time to die off before the egg is released. Of course, it’s very important you know exactly when you ovulate. If you are even a little late, you’ll have more viable, fast swimming boy sperm in the vaginal tract. This is why I recommend saliva ovulation predictors as they are inexpensive, reusable, and highly accurate.

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2. Use Intercourse Positions That Give The Boy Sperm Further To Travel: Again, we want to make the trip to the egg a long and hard one for the boy sperm. To do this, you should use intercourse positions that place the sperm as far away from the cervix as you can manage (shallow penetration.) This forces the boy sperm to travel further and for a longer period of time in an environment that is already hostile, (and can be made even more so), which leads me to:

3. Make Your Vaginal Acidity / PH As High As You Can Through Foods And / Or By Douching: Since we’re trying to give the boy sperm a long, hard trip to the egg both in terms of timing and distance, the last step is to make the vaginal PH high enough to be in the “girl zone.” This means you need a PH high enough to greatly discourage the sperm that would produce a boy.

This will be a lot easier for you if you know your PH going into this process. You can easily find this out using PH testing strips. Once you have your number, you’ll then know how much you need to make alterations.

Some women are naturally acidic and some are naturally alkaline. No matter where you fall, one way you can change this is through eating and avoiding certain foods. To conceive a girl, you want to consume foods high calcium and magnesium and avoid foods high in potassium and sodium.

Another way to make your PH higher is through specialty douches (this is more than vinegar and water for most.) Gender selection clinics sell these douches (sometimes for over $400), but there are recipes that allow you to get the same results at home.

The fastest, most effective way to make your PH higher is to use both douching and food. I understand that some women are opposed to douching though. You can change your PH with food, but you’ll need to be pretty diligent about it.

Still, with a little diligence and effort, none of these tips are difficult or expensive and can pay off big time when your daughter is born.

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