How to Conceive a Girl with Ancient Chinese Wisdom?

There are several ways to try and influence the sex of your baby if you are trying to find out how to conceive a girl. One of these is to follow the ancient Chinese Birth Chart (also known as the Chinese Birth Calendar).

This 13th century chart was found near Beijing after having been buried and seemingly forgotten during 7 long centuries. It works by comparing the month of conception and the mother’s age. The point where these two dates meet on the calendar will be either a box for a girl or one for a boy.

Opinion is divided over reliability of this method, with some people claiming that it is 90% -99% accurate and other saying that it is only 50% accurate – which is about the success rate you would expect by simply guessing the gender of the unborn baby.

I tried out the Chinese Birth Calendar when I was already pregnant and it, like most of the other commonly used methods of finding out the baby’s sex, told me that I was going to have a little girl. As I had been trying to work out how to conceive a girl I was delighted with this, and when the ultrasound scan showed that a little girl was on the way the Chinese Birth Chart gained a new follower.

However, I still look upon this method as being a bit of fun, and probably something which is best used simply to build up the anticipation and expectation before you go for the ultrasound scan which will confirm in a scientific way what gender of baby you are going to have.

If you want to find out how to conceive a girl I personally would advise sticking to the other methods which are on this site, and leave the Chinese Birth Chart as a bit of harmless fun rather than the factor which you build your conception plans around.