Conceive A baby Girl- Natural Gender Selection

When it comes to natural gender selection of a baby there are certain methods that a couple can use.  In this article we look at various different methods to help a couple who want to try and conceive a girl.  The first two methods we look at are ones where the couple needs to know exactly when the woman is ovulating so that they can time when they make love.

The best way for these couples to actually detect when the woman is ovulating for these methods is to record her basal body temperature or an ovulation prediction kit.  But both of these systems need the woman to record what is happening in relation to her menstrual cycle each month for several months.  Only once she has this information can they then start to use the first two methods described below.

Method 1 – Shettles

This is the most well known of all the methods for helping a couple to select their babies gender.  This particular has been used by couples who want to conceive a girl rather than a boy for more than 30 years now.  Although the developer of this method Dr Shettles says it is supported by scientific evidence as being the best, what proof is there that it really does work.

With this particular method one needs to know exactly when the woman is ovulating.  Then the couple should make love around 2 to 4 days before ovulation commences or a few days after it has finished.

Method 2 – O+12

This is method was not actually developed by a doctor but rather a mother from Australia who had six sons.  For years she had been a devout follower of Dr Shettles method but she then came across the idea that in order to conceive a girl her and her partner would need to make love just after she had ovulated.  This is in fact contrary to everything that Dr Shettles advocates.  It was using this particular method that this Australian mother finally gave birth to the daughter she was always after.

Method 3 – Preconception Gender Diet

With this method the theory is that by changing the woman’s PH balance through alterations in her diet can help to make it more hospitable to one type of sperm than the other.  For a couple who wish to conceive a girl then the woman’s diet needs to contain high levels of magnesium and calcium in it.

Along with the three methods mentioned above there are plenty of others which couples have tried to help them try and conceive a girl.  Some couples have gone done the route where to predict the gender of any children they have in the future they have looked at the birth date of the mother to be.  Whilst others have opted to use a Chinese Gender Calendar in order to help predict what sex their baby will be.