Choosing The Right Time To Conceive a Girl

When you are planning to bring a little girl into the world then it makes sense to find out all the tips and advice you can about how to conceive a girl before you go ahead. Perhaps the most sought after among these pieces of advice is the idea of choosing the perfect time of day or month to ensure that you end up with the little girl you are dreaming of.

The starting point is, as with most theories on how to conceive a girl, is that the Y chromosome carrying sperm will result in a boy and that which carries the X chromosome will give you a baby girl.

From here the most common idea when discussing how to proceed is to take advantage of the fact that the sperm which would result in a boy being born has a shorter life span than its female producing counterpart. Add to this the fact that the X chromosome – the girl one – moves slower and it is fairly straightforward to put together a plan from this information.

The best idea, therefore, is to have intercourse early in the woman’s fertility cycle, meaning that 3 or 4 days before she is due to ovulate is a good time to start thinking about making some positive moves towards conceiving the little girl you have been dreaming of adding to your family.

The next stage is to avoid spoiling things by introducing fast male sperm which could beat the female version which is already on its way. This means holding off from having further intercourse until it is clear that you have been become pregnant as planned.

Of course, working out when you are due to ovulate can be a tricky business and a saliva test is the best way to get this important piece of information exactly right.